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I am woman
I am "woman"

Something so beautiful and complex
Something in which words can not
I am a treasure and a gift,
Something to love and nurture this
wounded world...
I am strength and courage,
Soft to the touch...
Yet as fierce as a tiger
When it comes to protecting the
ones that I love...
I am your warmth,on your coldest
I am your reason and your guide...
I am compassion and intolerant
To injustice...
I am the carrier of life...
I am your gentleness and have hands
of Silk...
I am your safe place,to rest your tired
Mind and heart...
I am your light,in times of darkness
A soft voice to calm your worries...
I am a beautiful creation...
I am woman...

"Jamie Larsen"

I can feel you,
Seeping through my
Closer and closer to my
heart You creep.
Sending chills and wants
All Over my flesh,
Willing to know you,
I allow you,
To search my softness,
With your hands,
And my heart,
With your desire.
Your need,
My passion,
We feed,
Hotter this fire burns
Until nothing around us
Leaving us alone,
in this world,
Fueled by lust,
Filled with madness..
With one last 
I now know you...
"Jamie Larsen" ©2016
can you hear me now
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Can you hear me now?
Is what I have to say,
And how I feel..
Not worthy enough for
you to notice..
Perhaps if I speak up,
Add volume to my
Needs and pleads,
You will then see...
Or maybe I'm not the
one in fault...
Maybe it is you,
that listens With deaf
"Jamie Larsen"
Within all this madness,
All this uncertainty..
Can hope be found..
Can anyone,
Other than me,
find beauty
In this tragic song that
my heart sings...
"Jamie Larsen  ©2016
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i know you can feel me
I know you can feel me..
Even though you may not see me
I am there,in your distant thoughts
And in your hidden wonders.
Every once in a while,
I will waltz through your dreams,
Getting just close enough to
Make your heart race,
Never staying long enough
For us to embrace,
I will Always be there,
And no matter how hard you
Forgetting me will prove
For I have already planted a seed
Of my essence in your mind,
And found the strings attached to
Your heart...
I know you can feel me,
Now you just need to find a way
To see me...
"Jamie Larsen"