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I am taking a very big and important step in my journey to self evolving, and that is to speak out verbally and in front of people.  This is one of my biggest fears and has held me back my entire life.. I am so thankful for all the support and I hope you will continue to do so and follow my new youtube channel!!!!! much love!

It isnt easy for me to speak about personal feelings or personal aspects of my life.  I can become emotional and eventually shut down.  This is all new to me and is going to be a long and interesting process.  If you are looking for some profesional speaker, or entertainer, this is the wrong channel for you.  you are going to see pain and self reflection raw and real emotion.  you are going to see me, if you dont like it, please just move along and leave it be...
for everyone that is interested in the real me and supports me... my gratitude is infinite..

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